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Hello April,

I can hardly believe it, but Dragonfly and Blossom are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month. It's incredible to think that it all started with six illustrations drawn at my desk with my favourite sketching pencil set. Since then, I've been able to slowly make my dream of creating my first collection of fine bone china mugs and bringing my brand to life a reality.


I have learned so much along the way, from the process of how each product is decorated to building content for a brand new website, to events and social media. I worked hard to make it happen, often late into the night, while juggling family life and work.


I have so many fond memories of our first market stalls, usually in the pouring rain or freezing cold, and of the amazing friends and family who stood right by me as we introduced the new products to the world. I literally couldn't have done it without them.


Over the past 10 years, we've made huge progress. We've attended trade events, designed collections launched at Crufts, and were one of the launch brands for the Friends of Joules Marketplace. We've even created commissioned designs for Royal Ascot. Now we have over 250 products on our online store, and we're stocked with retailers. However, no matter how large the project or order, our process and values remain the same.


It all starts with a pencil drawing, often still late into the night, at my desk. The attention to detail and quality of our collection remains exactly the same. I can't promise I am exactly the same as I was 10 years ago, as a few more grey hairs remind me of the time and effort I have devoted to creating something that I am incredibly proud of. Despite the sweat, tears, and tantrums, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me and Dragonfly and Blossom since 2013. Your every purchase, social media share, like, or visit to an event has helped us get to where we are today.


Here's to an exciting future, whatever twists and turns it brings. I hope you come along with us too, as we couldn't do it without you.


Sarah ♡

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