I am always excited to work with clients on bespoke projects, creating personal designs and illustrations for large organisations or events and small independents, and I have been lucky enough to work with a diverse collection of clients since the launch of Dragonfly and Blossom.

The process begins with a conversation around their need, not only for the design but for the finished product and its purpose, sometimes with a clear idea of what they would like the finished product to look and feel like and sometimes with a need for inspiration and guidance. I am always keen to help and to get the best and most attractive product and finish for my client.

The hand drawn illustrations I create for the bespoke piece can be produced as an exclusive design or as part of a new collection and is always produced with the client and budget in mind.

Dinner services, framed prints, mugs, tea time collections and kitchen linens have all been crafted, packaged and delivered to the customer to meet their need and at the time they need it.

Here at Dragonfly and Blossom we handled the entire project from product production, bespoke packaging requirements through to delivery worldwide, meaning our customer can expect a high quality and unique product with a stress free project process delivered on time and on budget.



If you have a bespoke project and you are interested in finding out more please get in touch with me to discuss your requirements at