Well its that time of year when you need to tell your mum how much you love her! Mother's Day - or Mothering Sunday as its also known is on Sunday, March 26. The day is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. So when exactly did Mothering Sunday begin? For centuries it was custom for people to return home to their ‘mother’ church on Laetare Sunday – the middle of Lent. Those who did so were said to have gone ‘a-mothering’.

The day often turned into a family reunion and a chance for children working away from home to spend time with their mothers. Many used to pick flowers from the verges along the way to leave in the church or hand to their mothers when they got home.

There are many traditions associated with Mother’s Day. During Lent, people did not eat sweet foods, rich foods or meat. However, the fast was lifted slightly on Mothering Sunday and many people prepared a Simnel cake to eat with their family on this day.

A Simnel cake is a light fruit cake covered with a layer of marzipan and with a layer of marzipan baked into the middle of the cake. Traditionally, Simnel cakes are decorated with 11 or 12 balls of marzipan, representing the 11 disciples and, sometimes, Jesus Christ.

Fancy making one of your own ... we have the instructions right here ...

So it is lovely to give your Mum a gift on this day to celebrate and remind her just what she means to you ... but stuck for some ideas on what to give her? I had to giggle at this book but thought some of you might appreciate it! (available on Amazon)

Or alternatively for all the Gin lovers out there how about giving her a pot of this to enjoy. Gin Jam is made with fresh raspberries left over from the gin production.

The bulk of raspberries used in producing Pinkster are recycled as Boozy Berries. The raspberries that don’t make the cut, because they’re rather too mashed, are now being used for Gin Jam. Minimal wastage and all rather sustainable. How clever!

A great alternative to liven up an afternoon tea affair for mum!


Alternatively if your mum has ‘green fingers’ then this is a nice touch for her to enjoy at home

Flying Tiger

Or choose from one of our four gift trays that has everything Mum needs for a peaceful half an hour to herself enjoying a cup of tea from one of our fine bone china mugs


If the sun decides it wants to make an appearance and you want to venture further afield, here are some suggestions of events to consider:

So why not treat your mum to a day out at one of the National Trust properties across the UK? Spend some precious time together as a family in beautiful surroundings and join in with special activities. Take your pick from a range of activities such as Daffodil potting in Tyne and Wear to exploring a Victorian Lodge in Northamptonshire.


Of for those of you who are local to me here in the Cotswolds there is a lovely garden festival taking place at Westonbirt this coming weekend– Gardens Illustrated Westonbirt. Here is a link with more information


So all that leaves me to say to the mums out there is put your feet up, relax and enjoy yourselves... You deserve it! Happy Mothers Day!