Hi Everyone, it's good to be back.

I closed the doors and website for orders for 11 weeks from the end of March 2020, whilst I kept myself and my family locked down and safe just like the rest of the country, and while it seems a long while ago in all honesty time hasn't dragged.

I have been keeping busy both with work and around the home - not to mention home schooling a young man who will be sitting his GCSE's this time next year - challenging to say the least.

The lockdown began very shortly after we had been to Crufts and had a stand there for the whole event. Whilst we were lucky the event had still gone ahead, we missed not being able to show the whole collection fully and send your orders out from the new 'dog' range. It is one of the first things I am looking forward to now we are open again and ready to go.

So what have I been doing during lockdown ...

At home I have been decorating parts of the house as I had luckily had the paint ready for some time, so I was able to get started without having to order any additional materials. I have also been working really hard on my garden, we have been SO lucky with the weather haven't we. It has been lovely to be able to feel the sun on our skin either in our gardens or on our outside walks.

Memorable days for me have been a lockdown 44th Birthday, VE day celebration via Facetime and dressing up too as part of the fun, clapping from our bedroom window on a Thursday night, driving food deliveries to those who were unable to shop for groceries and settling our brand new puppy in to the home.

With work life, the additional time and space has been a blessing.

Since lunching Dragonfly and Blossom in 2013 I have had a list of "To Do's' that not only did I not manage to get to, but it seemed to keep growing. I have used the 11 weeks wisely, and very nearly got through them all. Tackling the admin tasks that have never made it to the top of the priority list, but now that they are done, my working day will become a lot clearer and free up my time to work on the creative side of the business. I have been working on new deigns, illustrations and collections to bring you as we open up fully and lots of new ideas I can't wait to show you.

The working day has had to juggle around a bit of course - starting early to get some hours in before 'school', homeschooling at our joint desks in my office, back to Dragonfly and Blossom work later in the afternoon before dinner and the regular housework not to mention dog walks and daily family Facetime check ins. I'm sure this routine sounds familiar to you all or your own version of the juggle at least.

I have got used to the new routine though, it has become productive and when the time comes to be back out and about I will miss this moment of space and time, but I am ready and looking forward to speaking with you all again, sending your orders and having our stockists re fill their shelves as they open for business again. I am ready for the Dragonfly and Blossom team to be back in the 'barn' packing orders and planning for the next big event.and for the whole business to have benefitted from the work over the last 11 weeks.

The new normal will be different for quite some while but here's to embracing it, staying safe and focussing on all the 'good stuff' that is yet to come.